KIEHL'S ULTRA FACIAL CREAM We created an original 3D animation for the renewal of Kiehl’s best-selling Ultra Facial Cream. From 16:9 / 4:5 to 9:16 aspect ratio, we delivered interactive correspondence into the frame and, at the same time, maximized the efficiency of vertical format by combining artful experience

Hoegaarden Digital Contents #03


Hoegaarden Digital Contents. #03 Drink Hoegaarden at cafes with friends, at home with your loved ones, and at picnics in the Han-river park. Experience the moment of relaxation with this film of Hoegaarden. Episode 01. CAFE Episode 02. HOME

LG Mobile Global Brand Film


LG Mobile Global Brand Film The world’s first mobile phone that features an 18:9 screen format. An aspect ratio that provides more space to write, navigate and enjoy a more immersive experience when playing and watching movies, we take this phenomena to its brand film to cover V30, G6,

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